Cambodia is one of the “Recent Winners”

McKinsey, the international consulting firm, recently released a report that Cambodia is one of the few “recent winners” in emerging economies.

In the 71 surveyed emerging economies, East and South-East Asia are  the best performing regions in the world, with 7 “long-term winners” (China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand) and 4 “recent winners” (Cambodia, Laos, Burma and Viet Nam), which form the largest economic sector, Accounts for 47% of GDP in emerging global economies. Among them, Cambodia is one of the “recent winners”. Cambodia has 5 of the 8 key indicators, including the domestic savings rate, government efficiency, innovation Index, export and Unicom index, among others.

The report also points out that the countries such as Cambodia are still in the process of development and continue to work to improve productivity and income levels, improve domestic demand and diversify export products.